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12 Feb 2015

Religious vow is necessary to fulfil. It means to fulfill what Allah has ordered. Allah ordered us to be honest and trustworthy, chaste and kind and to offer, fast, prayers and Hajj and Umrah. During the fulfillment of Naz, he is in the process of fulfilling the orders of Allah being his top priority. The true believers will always fulfill the pledge one has given to Allah.

According to Surah Insan ayath number 7 in The Holy Book Quran Pak, Allah describing the characteristics of the believers says that They are the one who will fulfill their vows and they will be fearful of the day when evil will wide spread.

Here is the Duaa which one should say while performing the pilgrimage or Hajj in the circumambulating the Kabah, and standing before the black stone – The Duaa may be interpreted as follows – The Hajj is being performed with faith in Allah and his Book (Quran e Kareem), according to the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and honoring the promise.

This is the Duaa that is in agreement to what Allah says, so this Duaa should be kept in mind while performing the pilgrimage. A true companion who migrated to join the Prophet (PBUH), but on his way to home back, he was captured by the Mushrikeen, They released him with a condition that he is not ever going to fight against them. Our prophet (PBUH) was happy to receive him. After a couple of years when the war begun, he was very excited to fight against the Mushrakeen but our prophet (PBUH) did not allow him because he had given his words.

It is very important to Learn How to Read the Quran and Hadith with Tajweed through Qaida, today, it has become very easy to do so with the help of mobile applications like Noorani Qaida. It includes the beautiful pictures and nice sound that will let the customers understand not only how the Arabic writing of the Quran is does, but it will also help us know how the correct pronunciation is done. 


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