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05 Jan 2015

The temperament of a person defines its character and personality. If he can control his anger at specific situation then he can be a successful person in his life otherwise he has to face the consequences. Islam teaches different ways of controlling anger using different techniques which if followed then it can be very beneficial for the personality grooming. In this article we will try our best to teach you the ways of controlling anger and temperament using Islamic techniques.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) suggested to recite (A‘ūdhū billāhi min al shaytani al rajīm - I seek refuge in Allah from the rejected devil) while in the state of anger because it helps you to seek refuge from the evil. There are many other important techniques which can teach you to control your anger/temper. If you want to control the anger then follow these Islamic guidelines which can teach you to control your anger.

Perform the dhikir (remembrance) of Allah

 The best way to control the anger is to keep yoursef busy in remembering Allah. Allah helps those who keep themselves busy in seeking guidance from Allah.

Realize your Mistakes

The best person is the one who accept his mistakes and learn the lesson from his mistakes rather than keep on mistaking. The acceptance of your mistakes builds a sense of realization which can help you to control your anger.

Perform Wudu to overcome Stress

The wudu/ablution is the best way to overcome the stress and anger. It is scientifically proven that if a person cleans his body on daily basis then his mind will keep fresh and he can perform his daily tasks easily. Everyone should learn how to perform wudu to control the anger and we suggest you to use the android application Kids Wudu Series which helps you to learn the step by step wudu procedure. It is the best way to memorize the steps of wudu with interesting wudhu game to remind the sequence of wudu.

Take Anger Management Classes

 The anger management classes can help you to minimize your anger and temperament. Find institutes where you can take anger management classes because they teach you anger management techniques which can be beneficial for you to learn how to control you anger.

These are some of the techniques which if you follow can be beneficial for you to overcome the anger and temper.


There are no hard rules which you should follow to control the anger but you should pick those things which are beneficial for yourself. Nothing can change unless you try to change it therefore learn different ways to control your anger and temperament. The success lies in betterment not in the settlement.


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