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01 Jan 2015

Muslims actions can be categorized into the following categories

  • Obligatory actions:  A Muslim is obliged to do.
  • Recommended actions: A Muslim should do.
  • Permissible actions: Neutral actions.
  • Reprehensive actions: A Muslim should avoid.
  • Forbidden actions: Those actions which are strictly forbidden and a Muslim must not go near to them.

Islam is the religion of nature and every guideline given by Islam is logical. Some are proved by the latest science and some of them will be proved. There are many aspects of Islam which are based on total common sense and very easy to digest for any one with little wisdom. There are five pillars of Islam and fall under the actions which are obligatory for Muslims. These pillars are the overall guideline to the Muslims to live a successful life. We will try to find out is there any logic behind these pillars and what are their benefits proved by the latest science.  The five pillars in the priority order are

  • Declaration of Faith (Tawheed- Oneness of Allah and finality of Prophethood of Muhammad)
  • Prayer
  • Zakat (Helping the needy)
  • Fasting tin the month of Ramadan
  • Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj)


The first pillar is faith, believing in Oneness of Allah and Prophet Muhammad as a last messenger sent by Almighty Allah(Tawheed). Let us think on other aspects, can a man made statue or idol can be a God? Most of the Christians don’t know that the Jesus was a son of God or God? How can a God Gave birth to a Human Being? Or how can a Human being be a God? You can easily solve this puzzle by recitation of Quran and understanding Islam.

Surah Ikhlass 

Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One,

Allah , the Eternal Refuge.

He neither begets nor is born,

Nor is there to Him any equivalent."


Muslims are bound to offer Islamic prayer five times a day. Without adding any more words let’s move on to the physical benefits of Salah. The pre requisition of Islamic prayer (Salah) is Ablution. It is an automatic mechanism of cleanliness keeps you healthy and maintains your hygiene level. Apart from the spiritual values of Prayer, there is also a great physical benefit of salah and you experience a healthy exercise in the prayer.


To help the needy Islam owns a powerful method of ZAKAT. Wealth is not equally distributed, some individuals are extremely rich and some are living below poverty line. Islam restricts the one who has excess wealth then a particular standard to pay Zakat.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan

The original purpose of fasting is to realize the hunger so that you feel the pain of poor. Fasting has so many benefits. After eating throughout the year, fasting allows your stomach to have some rest. It is an automatic mechanism of dieting which is very common now days to reduce weight. But Islam launched the concept of dieting 1400 years ago.