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01 Jan 2015

Quran is the religious text of the Muslims and Muslims all over the globe interact with Quran on daily bases in different ways. Some Muslims recite Quran on daily basis, others try to understand it by pondering over its meanings while there are others who try to memorize Quran so that they can recite it anytime possible without the need of text.

Quran memorization is one of the rewarding deeds for a Muslim. Those who wish to grow closer to the Book try to memorize it. The memorization of Quran is a science and there are certain ways of doing it, because compared to memorization of any other book, there is no room of mistakes of any kind when it comes to memorizing Quran. The lines below give some tips that can help a Muslim memorize Quran in an effective and efficient manner.


The first and foremost important thing pertaining to Quran memorization is intention or resolve. A Muslim must will from heart when it comes to memorization of Quran, because if any form of coercion is involved he or she may not be able to memorize it in the way it is supposed to be memorized. Therefore, it is imperative that a Muslim makes the intention of memorization of Quran and asks Allah Almighty for assistance in this regard.

Select Single Copy:

Another tactical thing to remember pertaining to memorization of Quran is to use a single copy for memorization. The pictorial memory comes to the aid of auditory memory, therefore, trying to memorize Quran from a single copy means that the picture that a Muslim has in mind of the text is the same one. If the memorization is done from different copies, it makes it difficult to recollect the images of the text in mind. Thus, single copy is the way to go for memorization.

Baby Steps:

Another mistake that most of the Muslims make when it comes to memorization of Quran is memorizing more than they can remember. The key to solving this problem is by taking the baby steps and memorizing a little at first. Once a Muslim gets into the flow of memorizing the verses little by little, only then should one increase the number of verses to be memorized.

Be Consistent:

A crucial contributor to effective and efficient memorization of Quran is consistency. Regardless of how much of Quran you memorize, make sure that you do it on daily basis. When you do it in daily basis, there is the element of habit which makes your brain ready for reception, however, when consistency is not there, memorization Quran on occasional basis becomes difficult. Therefore, no matter how short you memorize, be consistent in your approach.


Above all the one thing that can ensure effective Quran memorization is practice. The more a Muslim recites Quran, the better it becomes and so does the pace of memorization as well. Thus, whether it is practicing Quran in a dedicated time, while walking in the park, or it is while offering Salat on the respective Salat Timing , try to practice the memorization as much as possible for better recitation.

In a nutshell, Quran memorization is not something which a Muslim should take casually, rather one should be dedicated towards it in order to ensure that it is done effectively and efficiently.


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