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22 Dec 2014

The language , Arabic is synonymous with Islam. Although Islam has spread to regions across the globe, however, still Arabic language is a stereotypical representation of Islam and when people hear the word Arab or any word of Arabic language, the first thought that comes to their mind is Islam or Muslim.Arabic is an important language for Muslims to learn. There are a variety of reasons that trigger the need of learning Arabic language for a Muslim. The lines below discuss the major reasons behind the significance of learning the Arabic language for a Muslim.

Required In Salat:

Offering Salat five times a day on their prescribed Salat Timing is an obligation of a Muslim. When it comes to offering Salat, it is to be offered in Arabic language. In addition to the necessary element of offering Salat by reciting Quran in it, the other elements of recitation in a prayer are also in Arabic. A Muslim has to offer Sana in Arabic, all the Tasbeehat in the prayer are in the Arabic, the Tash’had as well as the end supplication is also in Arabic. Therefore, a Muslim has to know that much Arabic, which is required for offering prayer.

Language Of Quran:

Quran is the religious text of Muslims and the word of Allah. It is also in Arabic language. Although there are translations of Quran available in almost every language, however, theories of translation show that when a text gets translated from one language to another, no matter how good the translation is, it seldom achieves the same effect as does the original language. Thus, for a Muslim learning Arabic language helps in better understanding of the Quran. Moreover, if one is just learning to read Arabic, it is sufficient enough to recite Quran. Therefore, regardless of whether a person gain proficiency in all the aspects of Arabic language such as speaking, listening, writing and reading, it is also sufficient for a Muslim to rely on Arabic reading for the purpose of Quran recitation. Therefore, Arabic is pivotal to developing a greater understanding of the Quran and Islam.

Muslim Unity:

Another important factor that makes Arabic imperative for a Muslim to learn is the fact that as it is the language of the Quran as well as practiced in Islam therefore, at a higher level it symbolizes the Muslim unity. Muslims who learn Arabic can easily communicate with each other, because it is one of the most popular languages across the Muslim world.In a nutshell, Arabic is an imperative language for a Muslim to learn. The better a Muslim is Arabic, the more effectively he or she is able to understand Quran and become a better Muslim. 


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