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10 Dec 2014

Quran is the religious scripture of Muslims and every Muslim tries to learn Quran at the earliest. Children who are born in Muslim household are taught to learn Quran at their earliest, whereas, people who convert to Islam in a later part of their life, they also keep Quran learning at the top of their Islam learning list.

Muslims who belong to a Muslim region find it easy to learn Quran because for them the means of learning Quran are easily available in the form of properly established Quran schools, however, the story is not the same for converts who belong to the Western regions of the world where the Islamic schools are not established and various as in the Islamic countries. The lines below give some suggestions for such Muslims pertaining to learning Quran.

·        The first tip that can help the most is finding an online Quran academy for Quran learning. Muslims realize the lack there is in the market pertaining to teaching Quran to new converts in the West. Therefore, Muslim institutes have formed their online Quran academies where there are Quran experts giving Quran lessons to the students over the internet. Thus, with an academy one can choose the time that suits one’s schedule and learn Quran with ease.

·         The second option for learning Quran is the use of Quran learning software. There are Quran software available in the market that help the new converts learn Quran step by step. The software contain detailed description of the steps that are involved in the learning of Quran, thus, with the help of software a Muslim gradually learns Quran.

·     The third and most contemporary Quran learning option available to new converts is the use of Smartphone apps for Quran learning. In this regard, the Quran Now app is gaining popularity among the circle of new converts. The app allows Muslims to listen to the recitation of the whole Quran in addition to reading its text with Arabic and transliteration. Moreover, the app also explains the signs of Tajweed that allow the user to understand how they affect recitation so that it could be performed in a better way.

In a nutshell, learning Quran should be one of the priorities of a Muslim, whether a convert or a born Muslim. It is with the help of Quran that a Muslim can find the code of conduct that he or she needs to follow in order to live life in a way that Allah Almighty wants us to live.


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