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04 Dec 2014

In human’s life, there are some things that are directly related to him and it includes the children. Irrespective of the fact that how wealthy you are, how VIP you are, you will remain unhappy until and unless your children becomes what you want them to be.

There are some people who deviated from the right path but the result was that their own children deviated from them also. Hence, they lost the most important thing in their life……..their children. As continuity of existence is because of their children.

Each and everyone of us will love to have existence and to remain safe and to have a perfect and continuous life. You remain safe when you obey Allah one becomes perfect if he or she offers good deeds. One can maintain his continuous existence by raising the children in the right way (According to what Islam and Quran says).

Muslims are either true Muslims or otherwise destroyed. The other party will always try to mislead, humiliate and corrupt and the only card we can play is that of our children. How can we be happy if our own children are not on the right Path? When their Aqeedah is not sound? When their living and bringing up is not positive, disciplined or constructive? This objective may be achieved by school and universities along with the parents and media. SO, there is a need to bring reforms in our schools and homes. There are many very good TV programs but on the other hand there are very bad channels also. Today the way of life has changed. As an example, in the olden days Muslims were like a visitor in a zoo where other animals were properly locked up. However, today Muslims are similar to be in a park where other animals are not locked and hence they may attack on Muslims in any way they want.

In order to help Muslim Kids learn the holy Quran and to bring them towards Quran, our company has developed a mobile app named as Noorani Qaida which is a completely FREE Qaidah that helps us learn Quranic Arabic. There are very clear pictures and sounds that helps them learn how they can learn the holy Book – Quran. 


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