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12 Feb 2015

Religious vow is necessary to fulfil. It means to fulfill what Allah has ordered. Allah ordered us to be honest and trustworthy, chaste and kind and to offer, fast, prayers and Hajj and Umrah. During the fulfillment of Naz, he is in the process of fulfilling the orders of Allah being his top priority. The true believers will always fulfill the pledge one has given to Allah.

According to Surah Insan ayath number 7 in The Holy Book Quran Pak, Allah describing the characteristics of the believers says that They are the one who will fulfill their vows and they will be fearful of the day when evil will wide spread.

Here is the Duaa which one should say while performing the pilgrimage or Hajj in the circumambulating the Kabah,...

05 Jan 2015

The temperament of a person defines its character and personality. If he can control his anger at specific situation then he can be a successful person in his life otherwise he has to face the consequences. Islam teaches different ways of controlling anger using different techniques which if followed then it can be very beneficial for the personality grooming. In this article we will try our best to teach you the ways of controlling anger and temperament using Islamic techniques.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) suggested to recite (A‘ūdhū billāhi min al shaytani al rajīm - I seek refuge in Allah from the rejected devil) while in the state of anger because it helps you to seek refuge from the evil. There are many other...

01 Jan 2015

Muslims actions can be categorized into the following categories

  • Obligatory actions:  A Muslim is obliged to do.
  • Recommended actions: A Muslim should do.
  • Permissible actions: Neutral actions.
  • Reprehensive actions: A Muslim should avoid.
  • Forbidden actions: Those actions which are strictly forbidden and a Muslim must not go near to them.

Islam is the religion of nature and every guideline given by Islam is logical. Some are proved by the latest science and some of them will be proved. There are many aspects of Islam which are based on total common sense and very easy to digest for any one with little wisdom. There are five pillars of Islam and fall under the actions which are obligatory for Muslims. These pillars are the...

01 Jan 2015

Quran is the religious text of the Muslims and Muslims all over the globe interact with Quran on daily bases in different ways. Some Muslims recite Quran on daily basis, others try to understand it by pondering over its meanings while there are others who try to memorize Quran so that they can recite it anytime possible without the need of text.

Quran memorization is one of the rewarding deeds for a Muslim. Those who wish to grow closer to the Book try to memorize it. The memorization of Quran is a science and there are certain ways of doing it, because compared to memorization of any other book, there is no room of mistakes of any kind when it comes to memorizing Quran. The lines below give some tips that can help a...

22 Dec 2014

The language , Arabic is synonymous with Islam. Although Islam has spread to regions across the globe, however, still Arabic language is a stereotypical representation of Islam and when people hear the word Arab or any word of Arabic language, the first thought that comes to their mind is Islam or Muslim.Arabic is an important language for Muslims to learn. There are a variety of reasons that trigger the need of learning Arabic language for a Muslim. The lines below discuss the major reasons behind the significance of learning the Arabic language for a Muslim.

Required In Salat:

Offering Salat five times a day on their prescribed Salat Timing is an obligation of a Muslim. When it comes to offering Salat, it is to be...

10 Dec 2014

Quran is the religious scripture of Muslims and every Muslim tries to learn Quran at the earliest. Children who are born in Muslim household are taught to learn Quran at their earliest, whereas, people who convert to Islam in a later part of their life, they also keep Quran learning at the top of their Islam learning list.

Muslims who belong to a Muslim region find it easy to learn Quran because for them the means of learning Quran are easily available in the form of properly established Quran schools, however, the story is not the same for converts who belong to the Western regions of the world where the Islamic schools are not established and various as in the Islamic countries. The lines below give some suggestions for such...

04 Dec 2014

In human’s life, there are some things that are directly related to him and it includes the children. Irrespective of the fact that how wealthy you are, how VIP you are, you will remain unhappy until and unless your children becomes what you want them to be.

There are some people who deviated from the right path but the result was that their own children deviated from them also. Hence, they lost the most important thing in their life……..their children. As continuity of existence is because of their children.

Each and everyone of us will love to have existence and to remain safe and to have a perfect and continuous life. You remain safe when you obey Allah one becomes perfect if he or she offers good deeds. One can...